Join us to celebrate this week

Sunday House Caring Fellowship


The greatest refreshment and excitement after Sunday Worship service can be  found in any of our  House Caring Fellowship location.

House Caring Fellowship avails you the opportunity to interact with one another and to find a friend who share the same value, prayer lifestyle and social interest with you.  All our house caring fellowship locations are designed for family outreaches where everyone share freely like in the apostolic days where they went from house to house breaking bread in singleness of heart.

Join us this Sunday by 6.00pm and you will definitely be refreshed.

Monday Bible Study


 God is still saying something but how can you hear Him if you don't understand His words. Do you know that understanding the word of God can turn around every bad situation in your life to glory, through the word of God the elders obtained a good report of mercy and salvation, red sea was divided to allow the children of Israel pass over to possess their possession, the wall of Jericho crumbled, Lazarus was raised from death to life, needless to remind you that light came out of darkness as a result of spoken word of God, these are but few of what God's word can do, as the word of God can do everything.  The word of God is the source of power and life, and only the wise can acquire the word of God  that's the reason we want you not to stay out of God's word by dedicating  yourself every Monday to attend either morning or  evening  bible study at your convenience so you can stay in God's word. No matter whether you choose to attend  morning or evening session  it's time well spent in the presence of God and holy Spirit.

and your life will never be the same.  

I ask you to  join us every Monday - 

Morning (10am -11.30am) Evening (6.00pm - 7.30pm).

Wednesday Manna Water


Manna Water is Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries global weekly revival and healing program every Wednesdays. 

The Manna Water service provides instant eradication of sicknesses, diseases or afflictions from the devil, it is the time to liberate yourself from the torture of the devil no matter how long you have been in such predicament. Join is every Wednesdays by 6.00pm - 8.00pm and your testimony will not be cut short. 

Free Transportation


FREE transportation to any of our Church services is can be arranged when you call; 317-332-6425 or by email to,